Mi Swiss: Elevating Higher Education With Innovation And Affordability

The Schweizer Institut für Hochschulbildung in Management und Innovation (MI Swiss) is an official international cooperative institute of SIMI Swiss.

MI Swiss is dedicated to expanding educational opportunities for learners worldwide. With a strong commitment to quality and affordability, MI Swiss stands out as a beacon of innovation in higher education.

Distinctions at MI Swiss

MI Swiss distinguishes itself by offering learners additional opportunities to participate in high-quality programs, especially when quotas for SIMI Swiss’s subsidy programs are depleted. This approach ensures that more students can access top-tier education without being hindered by financial or capacity constraints. Unlike SIMI Swiss, which awards qualifications directly, MI Swiss collaborates with reputable partner universities to provide the same high-quality education at a more affordable rate.

Benefits for Students

When participating in the program coordinated by MI Swiss with partner universities, students receive the following advantages:

Official Student Status:

  • As official students, they gain access to the comprehensive support systems of SIMI Swiss.
  • Significant Cost Savings: By studying through MI Swiss, students can save up to 80% on their education expenses.
  • Flexible Learning Models: MI Swiss offers flexible learning models, including online and hybrid options, making it ideal for busy individuals.
  • Qualifications from Reputable Institutions: Students receive qualifications from accredited partner universities, ensuring their credentials are widely recognized and respected.

Deployment Model:

The deployment model at MI Swiss is designed to maximize accessibility and affordability. Students can choose between online and hybrid learning models, allowing them to study alongside SIMI Swiss students. This inclusive approach ensures that all learners, regardless of their location or schedule, can benefit from the high standards of education associated with SIMI Swiss. Additionally, MI Swiss reduces costs by facilitating scholarships from partner universities, further easing the financial burden on students.

Accreditation and Recognition

MI Swiss operates as a higher education institution with an independent license from the Canton of Zug. It inherits the entire accreditation system of SIMI Swiss, which includes:

  • SVEB Switzerland: Swiss certification for professional education. 
  • Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC): Recognizing the quality and standards of the institution.
  • The Higher Education Accreditation Division (HEAD): Ensuring compliance with global higher education standards.
  • Ofqual UK.Gov Awarding Body, OTHM: Providing official UK government accreditation.
  • AQS ISO 21001:2018: Establishes standards for educational organizations’ management systems, aiming to demonstrate their competence in teaching, learning, or research.


MI Swiss, in collaboration with SIMI Swiss and its member institutes, is dedicated to enhancing the provision of an efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective education system. By combining innovation, flexibility, and affordability, MI Swiss is paving the way for a new era in higher education, ensuring that more students can achieve their academic and professional goals without financial barriers.

For more information about MI Swiss and its programs, please visit https://miswiss.ch

Let’s watch this video for more information about MI Swiss: CLICK HERE

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