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Swiss eUniveristy is a portal for online Swiss higher education programs. Our mission is “Bring High Quality Swiss Higher Education Programs To Your Hometown Through Our Innovative Platform, Mapping+.

In a world where learning needs to keep up with the rapid pace of modern life, we blend innovation with accessibility to offer a dynamic and effective learning experience. At eUniversity, we empower individuals to learn, grow, and thrive in their careers anytime and anywhere. There’s never been a better time to start your transformative educational journey!

Why should you choose eUniversity?

Swiss eUniversity, a member of SIMI Swiss, with the goal of delivering Swiss Made online fully accredited programs of SIMI Swiss directly to the students’ countries through online training, featuring financial aid and exclusive academic support.

1. Comprehensive accreditation & recognition

Institutional accreditation effectively provides a license to operate. It is usually based on an evaluation of whether the institution meets specified minimum (input) standards such as staff qualifications, research activities, student intake and learning resources. It might also be based on an estimation of the potential for the institution to produce graduates that meet explicit or implicit academic standard or professional competence (The Power of Accreditation: Views of Academics; Professor Lee Harvey, Centre for Research and Evaluation, Sheffield Hallam University, ENQA Workshop Reports, 2004).

As a member of SIMI Swiss, all programs of Swiss eUniversity inherit the comprehensive accreditation system of SIMI Swiss.

2. Jointly recognized results and qualifications issuance from multiple universities

The Swiss eUniversity program is comprehensively accredited, holding numerous top accreditation standards. Additionally, it is jointly recognized for its results from partner universities through Mapping+. These partner universities are top-tier institutions, carefully and selectively chosen by SIMI Swiss.

Upon graduation, students have the option to receive multiple corresponding qualifications awarded by various partner universities. This demonstrates not only the international recognition and accreditation of the Swiss eUniversity program but also enhances the students’ opportunities for acknowledgment in diverse environments.

3. Fully Online Learning or Live Classes

The fully online model is tailored for working professionals, providing lectures and materials that can be accessed at any time through the Learning Management System (LMS). This self-study option allows students to learn at their own pace and convenience.

Alternatively, the Live Class option involves real-time learning with SIMI Swiss lecturers through a Broadcast Live Class system. This model offers increased interaction but requires students to adhere to a specific schedule.

Regardless of whether students opt for the fully online or live class model, the quality and qualifications of the education they receive are equivalent to those of traditional education models.

4. Exclusive Teaching Method

The Exclusive 5-Step Teaching Method of Swiss eUniversity is designed to transform the traditional learning experience, ensuring that students not only comprehend but also retain and apply knowledge effectively.

  • Tell me: This is where we explain important ideas and concepts in a simple way.
  • Show me: We connect these ideas to the real world with examples, visuals, case studies, and stories.
  • Involve me: You put what you’ve learned into practice by doing exercises, working on real-world scenarios, answering questions, or analyzing case studies.
  • Show me more (20 hours Self-Study): As you explore a topic further, we provide links to websites, further reading (eBooks), journal articles, videos, podcasts, and more.
  • Test me: Here, you can check your understanding with our word searches, games, quizzes, and more.

5. Exclusive support system

Online and Live Class learning has some differences from traditional education. To help students overcome barriers when studying online with Swiss eUniversity, SIMI Swiss has implemented an academic support system that includes:

  • Guidance on the learning process;
  • Assistance with developing final assignments;
  • Capstone project guidance;
  • Research and article publication guidance for doctoral programs;
  • Support for formatting assignments to meet university standards before submission;
  • Academic staff available to answer questions throughout the study period.

These support systems do not complete assignments on behalf of the students. Instead, academic staff only provide guidance and support to help students overcome barriers, enabling them to confidently complete the top-quality Swiss program.

In summary:

As a member of SIMI Swiss, Swiss eUniversity distinguishes itself by providing top-tier, internationally recognized education programs through both fully online and live class models. Swiss eUniversity brings exceptional Swiss educational standards directly to students in their home countries, revolutionizing traditional learning experiences and maximizing students’ potential for success. Join us on this exciting journey to the forefront of educational innovation.

Let’s watch this video for more information about Swiss eUniversity: CLICK HERE

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